Group Captain Alastair (Monty) Montgomery writes:

Retired members of Edinburgh University Air Squadron have established a charity with the aim of celebrating the life and achievements of Captain Eric “Winkle” Brown through two objectives: placing a statue of him at Edinburgh Airport, and by creating a flying scholarship/flight experience programme, principally for disadvantaged youngsters to complete a basic flying programme.  It is hoped that the statue - as well as being a significant work of art in its own right - will act as a catalyst to prompt support towards providing a spur, through a flight experience programme, to some of today’s youngsters.  Our intent is to help young people - and particularly those with challenging backgrounds - to get a kick-start to help them succeed in life..  You know only too well that learning to fly can be a life-changing experience.  A successful programme such as we propose will open new horizons to those taking part, and potentially change their future lives.  Our target group will be those young men and women who would never otherwise have such an opportunity.  We believe this will be a “living tribute” to the life of Eric Brown.

Captain Eric Brown was of fundamental importance to our aviation heritage.  He is a real British and Scottish hero, whose achievements deserve celebration and the kind of public recognition that will act as a motivation to our younger generation.  Surprisingly, many of those involved in aviation do not know of his 21 years as Chief Executive of the British Helicopter Association (as now is), and their annual award is in his memory”

Monty goes on to give details of the fundraising campaign (details at  They have met the cost of the statue - which was unveiled earlier this week (2 July) by the Duke of York - see attached photo. He seeks donations from CFSA members towards the flying scholarship/flight experience scheme, which requires ongoing funding if it is to be a success.   Anyone able to assist with this worthy cause in memory of an outstanding aviator and test pilot should contact Gp Capt Montgomery at