Mark Gilson (5 years CFS staff) writes:

"The Imperial War Museum (IWM) came into being in 1917 to commemorate the efforts of Britain and its Empire in WW1. In 2012 it upgraded its remit to the study and understanding of the history and effects of modern warfare. 

The Jet Provost (JP) first entered service in the mid 50's and was the first 'all through' basic jet trainer in the world. From then until the introduction of the Tucano in the late 80s, every RAF pilot gained their wings on the JP.  So, most but not all RAF pilots engaged in Oman 62-75, Borneo 62-66, Aden 63-67, The Troubles 69-98, The Falklands 82 and The 1st Gulf War 90/91 got their wings thanks to the Jet Provost.

The IWM has been approached about this failure to record the part played by the JP in defence of our interests and would be happy to address the matter. However, they say "We only accept donations!"

I have got together with Sandy Hunter (ex-UAS Green Shield Stamp 120hrs on JPs at Acklington) and Gary Thomas (Ex Helicopters, fast jets, and still with Cathay Pacific) to do something about this.  

In the first instance we are just trying to find a JP - preferably a Mk3 or 4. We hope it will be for free. We have opened initial contact with JART to ask if they might organise a 'Training Exercise' to shift it for us. If we do need financial support we intend to go 'Service Wide' through networks like Forces News.  

We'll take any help we can get.”

There you have it.  Any ideas?  Anyone know about an unloved JP3 or 4 which might be made available?  

If you can help at all, please contact Mark at markquinceygilson@gmail.com

My postal address is: 41 Oxford Street, Finedon, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN9 5EZ

My mobile is 07340542763 but I'm very bad at answering it and really only carry it in case I fall over coming out of the pub!

Yours Aye