Thursday 18th October: CFS Graduation/CFSA Reunion and AGM.

Although the date is decided, details of venue/cost etc for the Guest Night have not yet been settled. As usual, I will submit a bid for on-base accommodation - and you may recall that we were successful last year in achieving this. A lot has been happening over the past year at Cranwell, with the opening of the new Ascent (MFTS) building, and the arrival of new training aircraft, so I will look to arrange some on-base visits/briefings to bring us up to date. As with the Families Day, I am not yet looking for specific bookings, but please email me if you think you might attend.

And, finally: something to think about. Many of you will be aware of the CFSA Lunch which John Davy and Mike Brooke arranged at the RAF Club earlier this year on 26th April. There was a good attendance for this inaugural event from both “regulars” and some who had not attended Cranwell-based reunions for years. The Club did us proud, and all those present voted it a roaring success. John has already booked the room for 25th April 2019 (subject to amendment to conflict with the Spring CFS Graduation date), and I propose that we go ahead with this for 2019 at least. The question is: do we wish to continue having two such “official” events, ie a Spring Lunch and an Autumn Guest Night/AGM (plus the occasional “Families Day/RAFAT display), every year? Or have a Lunch one year and a Guest Night the next? Or what? Let me know what you think, and we’ll try to come to a conclusion in due course.

Yours Aye