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CFS Formations

1931. The urge to fly formation inverted started here.
Did they renumber when flying inverted?
Inverted formation continued for some time.
1954. Exam Wing remained current on all of the front line types as this formation shows. Another sortie from Rissington.
Red Pelicans with their newly acquired Mk5s.

1972 AOCs inspection.

No details known, perhaps someone can help?Oct 1976 final fly past at Little Rissington.
Hand over Gnats to Hawks. September 1984 CFS moves to Lincolnshire, the Dogs set off well ahead of the jet formation to over fly Linton, Fenton, Finningley and Cranwell before arriving at Scampton at the same time. They looked this good in every photo taken by Arthur Gibson in the chase Hawk flown by OC Exam Wing, Gavin Mackay (45th Commandant).
September 1984, an extended 'Swan of Boxes' flying from our old home of Leeming to our new home at Scampton. Unfortunately, Command in their wisdom decided that CFS did not need to practise this size of formation and the result, on the day, was a very rough ride for those at the back. The project officer (me, in the box of the left hand 4 of Mk5s) was not allowed to brief the sortie, so some of the detail was omitted. The result was that this photo was about the only time we were in the planned formation positions! Not good, since we overflew all of the other training bases.The Scampton Station Commander, who had never been a great fan of QFIs, greeted us with some well deserved critical comments on the standard of the break. I was at the back and hence last to land, and agreed with every thing he had to say. I would not have missed that day for anything. 1986, in the hold for a formation fly past for the AOC's parade at Scampton.
Exam Wing sortie during the transtion from JP to Tucano.

Cranwell, routine formation training sortie.