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Ladies and Gentlemen
Fifteen stalwart members attended a very successful and enjoyable Reunion at Cranwell on 18th October, which included a fascinating visit, hosted by HQ 3FTS, to the shiny new UKMFTS facility situated near the Western end of the main flight line. We were briefed on the programme: in particular, the introduction of the new fixed-wing training aircraft (Grob Prefect, Texan T6 and Phenom). We got our hands on the Prefect Procedures Trainer, peeked outside the (in use) Phenom Simulator, and crawled over the Prefect and Phenom in the hangar. Very impressive, and I’m only sorry that your President forgot (not for the first time) to take any photographs.

My highlight of the visit: Promoting the turboprop-powered Prefect’s impressive performance as compared to that of the Tutor, our briefing officer said “Brakes off on the runway, and the aircraft accelerates every bit as fast as the Jet Provost Mk 3”. Cue a series of not-so-sotto-voce groans from those CFSA members who recall that particular non-event…

For the second year in succession, everyone who requested on-base accommodation was allocated a room in Daedalus Officers’ Mess, and were able to take advantage of the bus transport to and from York House, where Dinner was held. Sadly, because of the slightly late running of one of the buses, two of our members (AVM Peter Dodworth and Sqn Ldr Ivor Gibbs) missed being included in the pre-dinner photograph – displayed elsewhere on the CFSA website, together with last year’s edition. In a break with recent custom, this year’s CFS Graduation Dinner was a Dining-In Night and not a Ladies Guest Night – something which came as a surprise to us, and caused a couple of cancellations. We will keep an eye on future such events, and specify attendance criteria clearly.

Speaking of future events, please read the Minutes of this year’s AGM carefully and email me and the Hon Sec with your thoughts/ideas/opinions about the various topics and questions posed in these items. Please let me have any responses – however short – by Christmas. ITEM 6 – FUTURE EVENTS.
What do you feel about number and types of events to be held annually, and where/when the AGM should be held? Note that the planned RAF Club Lunch has been re-booked for 29 Oct 19.

a. Statue of Lord Trenchard at RAFC Cranwell. Do you agree with the members present at the AGM that the CFSA should make a donation in support of this project? If so, do you agree that should it be of £1000? Note: The organisers have assured me that this sum would secure us an inscription.

b. CFSA Rules. Please read the current rules, which may be found on the CFSA website, and let me know which elements you feel may be culled and which should be updated – or, indeed, whether you feel we should leave well alone. If necessary, we will aim to offer a re-draft for comment prior to the next AGM.
It was marvellous to meet up with CFSA friends old and new this year at the RAF Club Lunch in April, the Cranwell Open Day in August, and the Reunion in October, and I look forward to seeing even more of you turn up at one or more of these get-togethers in 2019. Until then,

Nollaig Chridheil, agus Bliadhna Mhath Ur

Gavin Mackay
CFS Association