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As most of you know, the withdrawal of Service admin support for the Association some years ago led to a decision to use email as the primary means of contact with the membership, and to use postal methods only for those who had no email, or when otherwise essential. The CFSA membership database has now been updated. In doing so it was discovered that many members’ email and postal addresses had changed since the last comprehensive update.

The membership with whom we have positive contact now stands at 131. There are still 40 members who have not responded to requests for updates by either email or letter. Their names are listed at Appendix 1. If anyone has contact with any of these folk, could they please let the Hon Sec, Mike Brooke, know at mclabrooke@aol.com.


During the update process we have learnt of the deaths of the following people: Sqn Ldr Mike V D SPARROW - Died 29 Nov 2016
Cdr Maurice TIBBY RN - Date of death not given (Notified 15 Feb 17)
Wg Cdr Leonard HAGUE OBE - Died 4 March 2017
Sqn Ldr Arthur M TYLDESLEY - Died on 16 May 2017
Gp Capt Peter GILPIN - Died January 2013 (Notified 31 May 2017)
Flt Lt John BARNETT - Died late December 2016 (Notified 21 June 2017)
Sqn Ldr S E BULFORD - Died 2012 (age 93) (Notified 21 June 2017)
Sqn Ldr Ron A E DUNN - Died in September 2015 (Notified 23 June 2017)
Flt Lt Brian LAMB - Died 2011 (Notified 24 June 2017)
Sqn Ldr Tony LOCK - Died 28 May 2017
Wg Cdr Wally BLACK MBE - Died 14 June 2017

The 2016 Reunion and AGM took place in York House Officers Mess, RAF College Cranwell on 20 Oct 26. The minutes of the AGM, together with a Statement of Accounts, are published on the CFSA Website under ‘Reunions’.


The 2017 AGM and Reunion/CFS Graduation Dinner will be held in the York House Officers Mess (YHOM) on 19 October 2017. A visit to the preserved WW2 Sector Control Centre Museum at RAF Digby has been arranged to take place after the AGM. Members who wish to attend are asked to drive there. Digby is a 15 minute drive from Cranwell.

The Graduation Dinner is a Ladies’ Guest Night so CFSA members may bring a guest. A party from the Honourable Company of Air Pilots will also be present. The Guest of Honour will be Air Cdre David Bentley RAF, Director of Flying Training (Comdt CFS 2012-14), and the CFS Colour will be marched into the dining room at the commencement of dinner. Dress will be Mess Kit for serving officers, or Black Tie with miniatures for retired officers. Please note that this year the menu will be 3 courses and not 4. You will have the option of either dessert or cheese and biscuits; please note your choice on the proforma at Appendix 3.

Timetable for the day 12:00 – 14:00. Arrive. Lunch for those who wish (Pay in cash) in YHOM

14:00 – 14:45 AGM in YHOM Anteroom.

15:00 – 16:30 Visit to the Sector Control Centre at RAF Digby. Members wishing to attend should self-drive to the venue. Parking details will be provided at the AGM.

1700 Bar facilities open in YHOM.

18:50. CFSA Photograph and Pre-Dinner Drinks will commence. The Reunion dinner will follow, with CFSA members joining the graduating QFI students and CFS staff to celebrate the Association Reunion and the completion of the CFS courses.
Accommodation. A bid has been submitted for on-base accommodation, and you are invited to express your preference for this. Be assured that your President has lobbied the relevant staffs on your behalf. Nevertheless, and despite his best efforts, it remains highly unlikely that any on-base accommodation will be available to us this year, so you should aim to make private arrangements. Some details of local off-base accommodation are at Appendix 2. As last year, and should there be sufficient demand, CFSA will provide a free bus for one return journey during the evening from/to Byards Leap Lodge, Oxenford Farm and the Sleaford Travelodge. Times will be confirmed at the AGM.

Payment. In line with previous arrangements, we require payment in advance to attend the Reunion. This year’s Reunion will cost £35 per person. As agreed at the last AGM, the Reunion fund will provide a buffer for any additional or unexpected costs; however; it will also benefit from any overpayments. We would much prefer payment by direct electronic transfer to ‘The CFS Association’; Sort Code 40-28-20; Account no 03805468. If you are unable to pay by this method then payment may be made by cheque to the address shown on the Application Proforma at Appendix 3.

Cancellation Charges. As agreed at the 2010 AGM, cancellations will attract a fee to cover losses to the Fund. For 2017, they are as follows: 10 – 2 days prior to the event: £15.00 - £30 (Depending on Contractor’s cancellation charges) Less than 2 days prior to the event: Full Fee. As employment of Crown Servants on “non-core” activities is no longer permitted, the staff at HQ CFS can no longer undertake all aspects of the organisation of the Reunion; so please do not contact Judith Cross at HQ CFS directly with requests.

If you wish to attend, please return the attached form Appendix 3 as soon as possible and preferably no later than 20 September, preferably by email to mclabrooke@aol.com. Later applications will be treated sympathetically, and we shall do our best to fit you in, within the limits of what is possible. For those who are attending, we shall acknowledge your application by email. Please check in (with photo ID) at the guardroom from 1145 hrs, where a pass will be waiting.


The Hon Sec remains the conduit for CFS(A) business, either by e-mail or the website. Those members who do not have access to an e-mail account will be contacted by post for the foreseeable future. On the topic of the web-site, the Association is also indebted to Sqn Ldr Jim Gardiner, who has run the site as a volunteer for some time. He is happy to continue for the time being, but if any of our computer-savvy brethren are willing to take on this task, then feel free to contact the President, Jim or myself. Unfortunately, we are unable to publish a full membership list containing names and contact details, as this would contravene the Data Protection Act. However, as agreed at the last AGM, selected members with a broad network will get a hard copy to update.

Yours Aye,

Gavin Mackay
CFS Association