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AVM (Ret) Gavin Mackay - President/Chairman
Gp Capt Tony Franklin - Comdt CFS (after Item 4)
Wg Cdr (Ret) Mike Brooke - Hon Sec
16 other CFSA Members


1. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the 2018 AGM and Reunion.


2. The Chairman advised members of the potentially tight timings and transport details for attendance at the evening’s events. He also explained the directions from YHOM to the 3 FTS Sykes Building for the afternoon’s visit.


3. Apologies had been received from our Patron, Air Marshal Sir Dusty Miller, and 21 other members; their names are at Annex A.


4. The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true and accurate record.

5. Matters Arising:

a. Financial Report. The meeting was reminded of the decision for the Association to attempt to retain a base level of about £5,000 annually. This would be discussed further at Item 5.

b. Future Events. This topic would be discussed at Item 6.

c. Access to the CFS Museum. The President said that he had checked with HQ CFS about the possibilities of opening the CFS Museum to students during their courses. It was reported that Cmdt CFS had been requested to examine future possibilities. The President offered the help of CFSA and it was reported that the museum was undergoing efforts to improve it.

d. Ken Wilson. The President introduced Mr Ken Wilson to the rest of the members present and gave a brief resumé of his background working on behalf of CFS as an aircraft engineer. Over the past 10 years at Cranwell he was solely responsible for the HQ CFS Tucano, taking every possible chance to fly in it and amassing an impressive number of hours. Ken was warmly welcomed to the fold.


6. The Hon Treasurer had supplied copies of the CFSA fund balance sheet (at Annex B) and the Hon Sec talked the members through the various entries, pointing out that by the by the end of the month, after payments for the Reunion, the closing balance should be around £5000. This was in line with the Association’s agreed plan.


7. HQ CFS had decided that there would be only one CFS Dining-In Night, to be held annually in Spring (April/May) from 2019 onwards. This “Celebration of CFS” would include all QFIs who had graduated during the preceding 12 months, and the CFSA would continue to be invited to hold their Reunion alongside this event. This would clash with the planned date of the next RAF Club CFSA Lunch, and brought to a head the question of the number, nature and scheduling of regular CFSA events annually. Counter-intuitively, as the number of participating members had declined in recent years, the CFSA were laying on more functions – each one of which was much enjoyed by those who attended. Could we support this effort in future, or should we cut back?

The President outlined the planned options for 2019 and beyond:

a. CFS Graduation Dinner in Spring.
b. Luncheon in the RAF Club in the Autumn.
c. Accept any forthcoming invitations to RAFC Cranwell Families Day in Summer. (PAYD Lunch in YHOM and flying display/flypasts)

8. After discussion, the majority opinion was that CFSA should aim to attend all three. The question then arose as to when/where to hold the next AGM. A small majority supported it being held at Cranwell. That would mean that, if held in Spring 2019, it would have to be an EGM, as it would be only 6 months since the 2018 AGM. It was decided that opinion would be sought from the whole membership on the matter. Action: Chairman & Hon Sec.

Note: The RAF Club Lunch has been re-scheduled for 29 October 2019.


9. The Comdt, Gp Capt Tony Franklin, introduced himself, having taken up his appointment in the summer. He told the meeting that he had found that CFS was continuing its traditional operations in a good state. CFS had been involved in the RAF100 flypast on 10 Jul, not only in providing aircraft but also in honing the skills exhibited by all airborne participants. The RAFAT flypast had been very well received by the crowd and the Royal Family. The CFS Colour had been paraded in London at the RAF100 Commemorations and, later in the month, at Fairford for the RAF100 Gala Dinner. In its core business, CFS has been involved in the teams developing instructors for Typhoon, Lightning II and A400M Atlas; in the latter case with emphasis on the development of techniques with regard to the levels of high-authority automation. CFS’s Dr Jon Allsop of the Smith-Barry R&D Centre is involved in UK/US Virtual Reality trials for future pilot training.

10. The Comdt went on to describe the updates to the RAF’s flying training fleet, in which glass cockpits are fitted. MFTS continues to be developed, with considerable input from Exam Wing towards the syllabi and materials; as well as the first in-service flights of the Phenom and Texan training aircraft. The first QFI had been recently certificated for the Reaper RPAS. Exam Wing had made visits to Hong Kong (twice), Qatar, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia. Forthcoming visits are planned in the near future to India, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Kenya and Jordan.

11. RAFAT continues to play its role within the UK’s drive to expand trade with countries around the world. Since the last CFSA AGM, the team had completed a European and Middle East Tour, with visits to and displays in France, Greece, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Pakistan and Bahrain. The Red Arrows had flown 60 displays during RAF 100 year, including the finale of the aforementioned RAF 100 Flypast in London on 10 Jul. 2019 would see a major tour to North America.


12. Mrs Judith Cross. The Chairman informed the meeting that Judith Cross was about to take up a new post as Deputy of Media Relations and Communication at RAFC Cranwell and would, therefore, be leaving HQ CFS. He recounted Judith’s enormous contribution over many years to the success of CFSA and, especially, the Annual Reunions. Mrs Cross, a CFSA member in her own right, had reassured him that she would continue to do all that she could to ensure that reunions at Cranwell would be successfully organised. A gift from the Association would be presented to Judith at the Dinner.

Action: Chairman.

Note: The President duly presented Judith with a bottle of good champagne.

13. Statue of MRAF Lord Trenchard. The Cranwell Association (formerly Old Cranwellians) were raising funds for the commissioning and installation of a statue of MRAF Lord Trenchard to mark the centenary of the RAF College. The Chairman proposed that CFSA consider contributing some £500 - £1000 to the project, in recognition of “Boom” Trenchard’s part in the founding and continuation of CFS. Members present were supportive, but opinion will be sought from the membership.

Action: Chairman & Hon Sec.

14. CFSA Rules and President. The Chairman (and President) told the meeting that a recent review of the Rules and Constitution had highlighted a need to undertake a further revision to bring the rules into line with the current situation and practice. This will be done and the proposed changes will be circulated to the membership. The Chairman reminded the meeting that he had now served beyond the normal “tour length” as President and would like to stand down when a replacement had been found. None of his successors as Comdt had (as yet) volunteered, but he would continue to search. Questions as to the necessary pedigree of Presidents and whether a Patron was still an essential appointment would come up as part of the review of the rules and Constitution.

Action: Chairman


15. Decision. It was decided that the next CFSA Reunion, AGM and Dinner be held on a date TBC by the CFSA Committee.

Action: CFSA Committee

President CFSA

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – (in order received)

Kevin Marsh

Sir Paddy Hine

Mel Jenkins

Beryl Dennet Stannard

Simon Bostock

Nigel Warmington

Nick Goodwyn

Jim Duckham

Mike Marson

Mike Gibson

Curly Hirst

John Brown

Pat Nolan

Hugh Stark

Tim Dean

Glyn Vigurs

Dudley Carvell

Boz Robinson

Andy Curtis

CFSA Statement of Account AGM 19 October 2017 to 2 October 2018

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Balance 1 Jan 2018


RAF Club Lunch



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RAF Club Lunch






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