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CFSA Membership and Rules

Name: "The Central Flying School Association" (CFSA).

Aim of the Association: The CFSA was formed in 1951 to foster the spirit of friendship among members of the Association and the serving staff of the Central Flying School (CFS).

Membership: There are 2 forms of membership: Life Membership.
Honorary Membership. (Note: From 2019, all new members are enrolled as Life Members).
Qualifications for Membership: The following qualifications are eligible for Life Membership of the Association: All past and present officers of the Royal Air Force, the Royal Navy (including Royal Marines), the Army, the Royal Flying Corps, the Royal Naval Air Service and the Air Forces of the British Commonwealth, who have served on the posted strength of the permanent staff of:

The Central Flying School since 1910. (This includes federated CFS units)
The Gosport School of Special Flying from its formation to its disbandment.
The Empire Central Flying School from its formation to its disbandment.
No 7 Flying Instructors School (Upavon) from March 1942 until the reformation of CFS in 1946.
Commissioned members of the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Display Team, as long as it remains as part of CFS.
Central Flying School Agents.
All Station serving Officers serving at RAF Upavon, RAF Wittering, RAF Little Rissington (to include RAF South Cerney) and RAF Scampton during the presence of Central Flying School who have served at the Station for at least 6 months.
All NCO,or Warrant Officer flying instructors and NCO or Master Aircrew who satisfy the terms of sub paras 1 to 4 above
The Committee may also invite and enrol as Life Members service and civilian personnel who have played an active part in the affairs of CFS, but who fall outside the criteria listed in sub para a. above. Such enrolments are to be ratified at a subsequent General Meeting.

Subscriptions: The subscription for Life Membership shall be by one payment of £10. Honorary Members do not pay any subscription.

Patron, President and Vice President: Patron. The Patron shall be a member of the Association. He shall be appointed by the Committee on the advice of the outgoing Patron and President. He shall be appointed for 5 years, but can be extended for one or two years for special reasons.
President. The President shall be a member of the Association. He shall be appointed by the Committee in consultation with the Patron. He shall normally be an ex-Commandant. He shall be appointed for 5 years with a possible extension of one or two years for special reasons. It will be the President's responsibility to act as the Chairman of the Committee at any General Meetings.
Vice-President. The Commandant of the Central Flying School shall be the Vice-President of the Association.
Management: The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Committee consisting of: The Chairman of the Committee (the President of the Association).
The Secretary (elected).
The Treasurer (elected).
The Vice-president (Commandant CFS).
The duties of the Committee are as follows; Transact the normal business of the Association.
Veto any membership or dismiss any members from the Association for conduct considered by the Committee to be disgraceful.
Invest the funds of the Association.
Spend the funds of the Association to further the object of the Association defined in paragraph 2, without reference to a General Meeting.
Recommend alterations to the rules of the Association subject to confirmation by the next General Meeting of the Association.
In consultation with the Patron invite Guests to Reunion Events.
Annual Reunion:

A dinner, lunch or some other suitable function, shall be held each year, the place, time and date to be decided by the Committee.
The Committee is empowered to arrange such other functions as special circumstances may require, provided that reasonable support is forthcoming.
The Patron, President and Committee alone shall be entitled to invite guests to the Annual Reunion dinner, who are considered the guests of the Association.
Evening dress shall be worn at all dinners (not Mess dress unless otherwise directed by the Committee) and orders, decorations and medals may be worn by those entitled. Advice on dress for other events shall be provided by the Committee where appropriate.

General Meetings of the Association:

The Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held at a date, time and place to be decided by the Committee as likely to include the maximum numbers of attendees .
The Chair at a General Meeting shall be taken by the Chairman of the Committee (President) and, in case of need they shall have a casting vote.

The Agenda for the Annual General Meeting will include: The Committee's reports for the previous year.
A Financial Report.
Any proposal submitted to the meeting in accordance with the para below, or which the Chairman approves for discussion.
Every proposal for discussion at a General Meeting must: Be in the form of a resolution bearing the names of the proposer and seconder whenever possible.
Relate directly to the management concerns of the Association.
Decisions on matters before the Meeting shall be determined by a show of hands and the majority of the members present and voting.

Duties of the Committee:

The Secretary shall: Act on behalf of the Chairman and the Committee in accordance with the minutes of the committee meetings and such instructions as may be received from the Chairman of the Committee.
Conduct the correspondence of the Association, including the production of Minutes of any meetings.
On behalf of the Committee, issue a Newsletter annually to all members, giving the date, time and place of the Annual Reunion, and a summary of the work done by the Central Flying School in the previous year.
Maintain an up-to-date register of all members of the Association, safeguarding the records as required by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPS).
Keep a record of members attending the Annual Reunion and other events.
Provide the Association Representative (CFS Staff Officer) with the final list of attendees for the Reunion (if it is to be held at RAFC Cranwell) including accommodation requirements.
The Treasurer shall: Maintain proper accounts and records and render these for audit as required.
Receive such monies on behalf of the Association and pay these into the Bank Account of the Association, retaining only such sums as may be necessary for the immediate affairs of the Association.
Inform the Chairman of the Committee of any irregularity in the accounts, loss or excessive balance at the Bank which may arise.
Produce the books of the Association and any cash balance for examination by the Chairman whenever called upon to do so.
Provide an accredited Auditor with all the information required about the affairs of the Association for the proper audit of the accounts, and submit the Balance Sheet to the AGM.
Keep a supply of CFSA stock.
Deal directly with the supplier to settle all bills accrued in the course of any CFSA events in a timely manner.
Association Representative:

The CFS Staff Officer (or other HQ CFS staff member appointed by Commandant CFS) shall act as the Association Representative for the CFS. They shall: Work with the Committee to coordinate the arrangements for any meetings or reunions held at RAFC Cranwell.
Act as the CFS point of contact for any matters which the Committee feels needs to be brought to the attention of Commandant CFS.
Provide the Secretary with a summary of the work done by the Central Flying School in the previous year for inclusion in the annual newsletter.

Payments to the Association should, wherever possible, be done by electronic bank transfer. In calling for payment, the Treasurer will provide the necessary account details. All cheques should be made payable to "The CFS Association".
All communications and enquiries should be addressed by email to the Secretary of the Central Flying School Association via the address published on the Association's website.
Members shall notify the Secretary of any change of address.

Association Ties and Cummerbunds in CFSA Colours

The CFSA colours may only be worn by Life Members and Honorary Members of the Association.
The stripes of the CFSA tie are: Green - for the Salisbury Plain and the Army.
Purple - for the Engineering branch of the Royal Navy from which most of the early ground instructors were drawn.
Pale Blue - for the River Avon.
Black - for the unknown future.