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CFSA Reunion 2016

A very successful 2016 CFSA Reunion took place on 20th October, attended by 18 enthusiastic members and wives. Prior to the AGM, several members took up the offer of an afternoon's visit to 115(R) Sqn CFS at RAF Wittering, where we were ably hosted by Sqn Ldr Andy Paul and some of his officers. After a crewroom lunch, we were briefed on aspects of current and future flying training, before looking over a couple of aircraft in the hangar, and finishing with a fascinating visit to the Station Heritage Centre and Harrier Museum.
As has been the case in recent years, no on-base accommodation was available to us, and so several members stayed in the Byard's Leap Lodge and the Sleaford Travelodge, taking advantage of the free transport provided from CFSA funds. In addition to CFS Staff and graduating students, the dinner was also attended by some members of the CFS-affiliated Honourable Company of Air Pilots (several of whom were double-hatted CFSA members). The Guest of Honour was Air Cdre David Cooper, currently with the Military Aviation Authority, and a former OC Exam Wg, who expressed his delight at being 'back in the fold'. The evening followed the traditional course of a CFS Graduation Guest Night, with an excellent meal and character-assassinating speeches by the various sqn cdrs. Gp Capt Monahan (the new Comdt CFS) and your President also spoke, before the company rose from the table at a relatively comfortable hour and headed for the bar, where we CFSA members took the opportunity to give all and sundry the benefit of our vast experience, unassailable expertise and razor sharp wit. A good time was had by all if I remember correctly.
You will read in the Minutes of the AGM the remarks I made about the future of the CFSA. It would be sad to see this Association wither on the vine, and we will keep pressing for on-base accommodation which seems to be a key element in some members' decisions about attendance. I am keen that - so long as there are some of us who still wish to get together once a year at CFS, the Association continues.

See you (I hope) next October.